The intention that Kai-Lin has about this website is to make his teaching available to those who are interested in psychological, emotional and spiritual growth.

Living in the modern world, we encounter psychological and emotional challenges on regular basis. The suffering that emerges from these inevitable challenges often gradually limits our ability to enjoy life. Some find it difficult to cope with this suffering and give up this inner battle. They pass time like there is no hope.

After years of devoting himself to his personal growth, psychological healing, and spiritual practice, Kai-Lin have fortunately gained significant learning and have his first spiritual awakening emerged. He intends to offer his learning experiences to those who are interested in furthering their inner journey. With sincerity and honesty, Kai-Lin would like to support them to overcome their hindrance in order to move towards freedom step by step.For others, personal growth arises from the same source: suffering. They learn to understand what has been going on in their lives and figure out the ways to be free from suffering. Nonetheless, the inner journey of personal growth is a difficult path. As many of us have already learned, although it can be extremely rewarding to uncover the secrets of how we have became who we are today, the path to grow out of suffering requires tremendous psychological energy. We have to learn how to face our biggest challenges and deepest confusion, over and over again. In the process of personal growth, many people find it hard to stay on the path consistently, despite their genuine desire to follow it through. Only those who are greatly determined can move along the way to freedom. For many of us, this requires proper teaching and guidance.

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