Consultation-Personal Growth

Kai-Lin offers one-on-one dialogue for those who want to further their inner exploration. These individual meetings will be more suitable for someone who have already had some experiences in psychotherapy, counselling, personal growth, and spirituality development. He will address your personal issues, answer your questions, offer you guidance, or work with you experientially in the meeting.

Please takes some time to sit with your issues or questions before your meeting.  It will help you to use your time in the meeting wisely. Since his role is neither a psychotherapist nor a clinical counsellor in these individual meetings, please try to approach your issue as a student instead of a patient or a help seeker. Being a student in these meetings will benefit yourself the most. In that way you are more prepared to further your inner growth.

If you were interested in seeing him for integral Therapy, please go to his counselling service here.

Appointment Details

Fee: CAD $150 per session

Length: A standard session is 45 minutes long.


  • In person session
  • Online (Skype voice call) or Telephone call
    • You can choose either online or telephone meeting when you book your appointment. The details will be given through email after the booking is completed.


After you book an appointment, here is a checklist to make the most out of your learning session,

  • Put your appointment into your calendar and remind yourself with alert.
  • Check your intention – Why do you want to have an individual meeting with Kai-Lin? What do you want to learn?
  • Identify your questions – Think about how to ask your questions. Clarify your questions. This process will really help you to obtain what you want to learn.
  • Describe your issues – Find a way to briefly describe your difficulties, so you can wisely use your time in the meeting.

It will be helpful for you to go through this checklist a few times before meeting Kai-Lin on your appointment date.

Preparing your meeting

  • Please allow yourself to sit quietly for a few minutes before your session. Minimize distractions.
  • Be open to the learning – acknowledge your doubts, and try to let go of any resistance to learning.

Book an appointment

You can call (604) 551-6621, or use this contact form to book an consultation meeting .  You will receive a confirmation letter after sending your message.

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Online Payment

Group and Consultation (BC 5% tax)

Consultation – Personal Growth- Kai-Lin Yang