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Anxiety and/or Panic
Stress Management
Cross Cultural Issues (2nd generation Asian, Chinese, Taiwanese, Korean, Vietnamese, Filipino, Cambodian, Japanese)
Grief and Loss
Life Transitions
Marriage and/or Relationship Issues
Personal Growth
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
Self-Esteem Issues

How do we want to live?

How do we want to live?

Integral Therapy with Kai-Lin Yang

Integral therapists look at how clients suffer both psychologically and somatically. Clinical symptoms are important references to them, as they  are  observable  manifestations of the client’s suffering. However, integral therapists are mostly interested in the real issues that are hidden behind the symptoms. As I mentioned above, the hidden “root” issues are the cause of clients’ suffering.

Integral therapists understand that in order to terminate clients’ suffering, they need to find out what the clients’ real issues are. In integral therapy, therapists invite clients to co-investigate their psychological difficulties and to locate the cause of their suffering. Once the real issues emerge, integral therapists assist clients to deal with their issues by enhancing their psychological strength. They use depth therapy such as gestalt therapy and transpersonal therapy to allow clients to experience and develop their inner power. When clients progressively experience their psychological strength, their issues become less threatening and clients develop into stronger psychological beings. They begin to feel more powerful than their issues/problems. Consequently, the symptoms will naturally lessen or diminish in the process of integral therapy. The recurrence of psychological difficulties will be reduced since future similar issues cannot threaten them anymore.

In short, through integral therapy clients gain the opportunity to access their inner potential and to grow towards their ideal self.

Relationship Work / Couple Counselling

As humans we naturally want to be with other people. We depend on each other’s help to live better. Being with others allows us to find a sense of belonging that soothes. Communities such as family, friends and social groups serve us this way. We often find ourselves following longing of relating to each romantically and sexually. We call it EROS, or simply “LOVE.”

Relationships are where we learn to cultivate INTIMACY with each other. Our lives become more meaningful because of intimacy. Yes, intimacy is what we want.

In relationship work (couples counselling) we learn to discover how we relate to each other in a dysfunctional way, and how to take personal responsibility to grow out of our individual issues. Exploring what we really want in a relationship will guide us to identify our individual differences and co-create mutual values. The work in relationship / couples counselling is a process of cultivating understanding and intimacy between two people. Our time together becomes a more meaningful journey for us and our partners, instead of a journey through the unfortunate events in our lives.


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Vancouver mindfulness counselling services

Vancouver mindfulness counselling services

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