Depressed feelings are a natural emotional reaction when we encounter difficulties that knock us down from feeling our regular self. We normally will automatically adjust our depressed mood back to a calmer status. It may takes a couple of hours or a few weeks, depending  on how well our adjusting system works. However, sometimes when the difficulty is greater than our self-adjusting system, we will be out of emotional balance and stay in the depressed mood for a longer period of time. In that case, we do not know how to get out of our depressed feelings. That is when we seem to get stuck with depression.

The possible causes for depression

– Physical Illness

– Lost loved ones

– Traumatic Event/ Past Trauma

– Loneliness

– Bullied

– Stressful environment

– Living too much for others

– Lack of sense of self

Depression often manifests

Emotional level

– Low

– Worry

– Self-blame, Dislike self, Self-hate

– Lack of interest

– Numb

– Tired, Low Energy

– Dissatisfied

– Judgmental

Physical level

– Heavy/stuffy chest

– Chest pain/ headache

– Low energy/tired

– Sleepy / oversleeping

– Insomnia

– Contracted

– Feeling cold

Cognitive level

– Distracted

– Foggy thought process

– Inability to concentrate

Unconscious level

– Nightmares

– Daydreaming

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